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Firstly, hello & thank you for taking the time to visit Bliss Films.

Bliss Films brings the latest touch to Asian Weddings & Events with a combination of traditional & a modern contemporary feel to your film.  In order to become a successful company and deliver on our promise to you we understand that customer feedback and satisfaction is fundamental at all times.

We have a relaxed contemporary approach and ensure non-intrusive methods are used in all our Asian Wedding productions. We do not take over or dictate how your day unfolds.

With our extensive knowledge of each religious ceremony, the significant and important elements of your wedding will never be missed.
In addition, adding the perfect final touch, we always aim to shoot some personal and intimate footage of the bridal couple in a nearby location. 

Being creative cinematographers as well photographers, we passionately believe in the team ethos. No “B team” here – we’re all part of one big “A Team”.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Allow me to check my availability for your wedding date, explain how it all works, and answer any questions you may have.